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In every business you need tools that can help make your life easier and a handy list of resources that can save you time and money. Over the years we have used many tools and have found some to be invaluable and others have been a total waste of money. (You won’t find any of them listed here!)
We have made a list of tools that we use today…some are free and others we have had to buy, but if we have written them down we wouldn’t be without them.

Some of these links may be our affiliate links or other businesses, but others will link directly to the website.

Quality PLR Providers

Health PLR – provides health and fitness content and she is an inspiration with her own fitness achievements. Do you know she rode 50 miles on her bike the other day, in just 3 hours? Anyway, check Kater’s content out…it’s written by health and fitness experts.

Internet Slayers – Niche Topics ~ JR Lang provides PLR content packs in a variety of niches. JR is a successful marketer that knows what her customers need and she provides the content required. – Health PLR ~ Kim Phoenix is an expert in health! Kim has a four-year university degree in a health field and her content is perfect for niche blogs or physicians needing quality PLR.

Business and Coaching PLR

Business Content PLR – Sharyn Sheldon provides excellent business training PLR packages. In most packages you receive participant, facilitator and promotional material. You can certainly learn or coach your clients when you use any of Sharyn’s products.

Self Improvement PLR – Ronnie Nijmeh has PLR content on two popular evergreen topics, self improvement and finance. Ronnie is also known for providing top quality content.

Assorted Niche Topics

PLR Mini Mart – Niche Topics ~ Tiffany Lambert provides PLR content on every subject imaginable and they are all of the highest quality. Tiffany is known for being the expert ghostwriter for the gurus! – Niche Topics ~ Alice Seba provides a range of topics, many of which include include articles, images and slideshows. You can be guaranteed quality content from DIYplr.

Buy PLR Today – Sue Fleckenstein writes all her own content, so she stands behind her products 100%. Sue has been writing for top marketers for years and also writes her own books. In other words, she is an expert writer!

Flaming Hot PLR – Arun Chandran has excellent quality PLR. I love his writing style and you will too. Arun covers a variety of niches, including a few ’embarrassing’ topics too!

Christian PLR

Quality Inspired PLR – If you are looking for quality Christian, Biblical and Spiritual PLR articles, blog posts, reports or bible study content, then you may be interested in what LaTara and Regina have for you!

Website Services

Web Hosting – Master PLR is hosted with HostedSafe. Our web hosting is fully managed and owned by Geoff O’Dea. He has been hosting our own websites and our clients’ websites for years. Our servers are fast and secure and you couldn’t be in better hands.

As a Master PLR member, if you purchase a 1 year hosting plan please let Geoff know and we will give you a $20 discount coupon code to use in our PLR store! (Contact us here.)

Website Design – If you need a new website or a makeover, that’s my (Susan’s) department. If you do…please mention you are a Master PLR member and you will be given a special discount on any of my services or designs.

Business Tools

Amember – This is the membership platform that we use on MasterPLR. What we love about aMember is that it also manages our affiliate program and payment processing. In our opinion it is an amazing program that we wouldn’t be without.

Rocket Responder – We use Rocket Responder as it works perfectly with aMember and integrates beautifully with all our platforms. We love it!

Aweber – This is one of the email marketing platforms we used when we started. It worked great, but Rocket Responder gave us one on one service, so now it’s our number 1.

Roboform – This is our password manager. We use this to save all our passwords and bookmarks. We use it on all our devices, including our mobile so we are now able to login to any website anywhere! So it doesn’t matter if we are using our desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device we can access our passwords securely. No-one can access them either because there is one master password that only we know…and that one is stored in our head. There are free versions and paid. We use the paid version because we use ‘Roboform Everywhere’.

Please Note: Many of these links are affiliate links, but we are happy to recommend tools we use and providers we believe to be worthy of promoting! We won’t recommend anyone or any product that we don’t use ourselves in our own businesses.

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