25 Ways To Aging Better While You Live A Long Life

1. Build muscle to prevent risk of atrophy from inactivity in old age and for better balance and stability to avoid falls and other injuries.

2. Walk more. A trip around the block or on a treadmill every day supports heart and peripheral vascular health, and boosts lower body strength.

3. Spend time with friends and avoid isolation! It gives you something to look forward to, improves mood and outlook on life, and reduces risk for depression, all of which is good for your health and quality of life in general.

4. Get preventative medical examinations. Incidence of many diseases, such as prostate cancer, diabetes, and breast cancer increase with age and medical screenings provide opportunity for early intervention.

5. Eat a plant based diet! Fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes are high in protein and complex carbohydrates, as well as antioxidants, which help beat the aging process.

6. Do yoga, an ancient practice that involves doing different poses while meditating and focusing on breathing. Yoga provides a ton of health benefits for mind, body and spirit that improve the aging process.

7. Practice Tai chi, which is known to reduce stress, improve mental focus, flexibility, muscle strength and, overall health.
Reading books will keep your mind sharp and maintain optimal memory levels.

8. Keeping a journal of your life experiences will keep your mind sharp and will give you something to look forward to every day. It’s also a neat memoir to leave for your family.

9. Eat vegan! A vegan diet includes only plant foods and it is high in nutrients, low in saturated fat and low in calories, AND low calorie intake is associated with longevity.

10. Quit smoking as it is not only linked to lung cancer but to other cancers, and various serious conditions that can lead to premature death.

11. Have more sex! Studies have shown that couples who engage in sex at least twice a week live longer and healthier than those who don’t. Sex is also a good form of exercise.

12. Let bygones be bygones. Those who harbor resentments and stress over past grudges or arguments are more likely to have too much harmful stress hormones in the body.

13. Get enough sleep, as sleep deprivation can lead to higher blood pressure and an increased risk of diseases caused by high blood pressure.

14. Pets provide companionship, and a close bond between a pet and its owner increases life span. Having a pet also improves the overall quality of life by providing consistent interaction with a living being and provides a purpose in life for the owner in taking care of that pet.

15. Find a purpose in life! People who live until they are 100 or more usually say they have some sort of purpose in life, be it a hobby, volunteering, or continuing to work.

16. Be an optimist! Research studies have shown that optimists live 12 years longer when compared to those who consider themselves pessimists.

17. Just two glasses of apple juice per day has been found to reduce the number of plaques and neuro-fibrillary tangles seen in people who are prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

18. People who watch too much television are less active overall. Replace 1 hour of television daily with a walk or anything life affirming and healthy.

19. Get married! Studies have shown that men especially benefit from being married and live longer when they are married when compared to their single counterparts.

20. Laugh often every day! Research has shown that laughter positively affects your immune system so you can better fight off disease and cancer.

21. Eat as if you live in the Mediterranean, where the diet is much healthier and residents enjoy much lower rates of heart disease because they eat a plant based diet that includes lots of heart healthy olive oil.

22. Eat tomatoes that are especially high in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent heart disease, and various cancers.

23. Prevent loneliness, and connect with family and friends as research has shown that loneliness contributes to inflammation, which can contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

24. Save your pennies to be more comfortable and improve the quality of life in the senior years that results in improved wellbeing and less stress.

25. Last but not least, and probably most important is to find joy and fulfillment every single day, EVEN if that means making any necessary changes in your life to do so.

Practice some of these ideals and stay well and take care!